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WhatsApp Apk by Soula is a fantastic app for communicating. Smartphones and social networks have made life easier and more accessible. We are very thankful to have WhatsApp as a communication tool. Among today’s most popular WhatsApp mod APKs, you’ll find Soula WhatsApp APK. GBWhatsapp

NameSoula Whatsapp
Update1 Day ago
VersionLatest 2022
Android4.4 or higer
Total Downloads23426+

What Soula WhatsApp APK?

Soula WhatsApp apk  is often described as a mod version of the official WhatsApp app. You can access many features that are not available on original WhatsApp with SoulaWhatsApp. You can use this app on almost any smartphone or tablet since it is available for Android and iOS devices. Custom themes, privacy settings, and other modded features are included in this app. Users can customize it to fit their preferences. You can use this especially if you want to add some flair to your WhatsApp conversations. You can also add icons or animations to your messages via themes, such as changing the colors displayed in the chat window.


Stream Media Mods

When you receive a notification from Soula Whatsapp, the audio will not stop playing. SWhatsapp now supports sharing videos up to 700 MB in size and 30 minutes in duration. This version of Whatsapp guarantees that a picture is shared in its original resolution.

Mods for Main/Chat

The chat button can be archived and hidden from the main Whatsapp page. The user will be able to remove the gray line separating chats from screens in this manner.

Mods for privacy

You can hide your online status and freeze the last seen function. You can prevent people from reclaiming their messages using the revoke mod. This option prevents users from revoking a message sent to the group. The side status mod allows you to see the status of people without them knowing. Soula’s Whatsapp enables you to hide the blue and second ticks.

Edit Icons

The launcher icon has twelve different and super cool variations. The Soula icon will appear as the launch icon.

General Setting for Soula WhatsApp

A user can change the theme from white to dark by using the all setting option. A message counter can be enabled or disabled in Soula mod. The new multi-chat option enables the user to move easily between chats. Discover


  • Hide the last seen + second check + blue tick
  • Copying more than one message hides the name and date
  • Exit without confirmation by pressing in groups
  • Rather than 16MB, you can send 700MB
  • Send 90 images instead of 10
  • Replace 139 characters with 250 characters in your status
  • You can send high-quality images
  • Hide notifications from the conversation lock
  • Differentiating regular messages from broadcasts
  • The ability to know the size of your groups
  • The program can send e-books, apps, and apk files up to 100MB
  • Video clips of 30 seconds instead of 10 seconds without program cuts
  • Sending a voice note up to 100 minutes long instead of 1 minute 20 seconds

How to install Soula WhatsApp ?

  • From the Settings menu, select “Unknown sources”.
  • Press the download button.
  •  Save the file.
  • Install your APK file.
  • Run the APK file.
  • Disable “Unknown sources”

How to update Soula WhatsApp ?

  • Get the latest version of Soula Whatsapp.
  • APK installation instructions are here.
  • Then, install the APK file as usual.
  • Back up all important files before updating so no messages or audio/video files are lost.

Pros & Cons


  • Enhanced security, execution speed, and stability
  • You can now perform backups and recoveries


  • This version is not allowed within WhatsApp’s terms.

Version update

Soula WhatsApp is available for free download. Download it by clicking the link below. Make sure you don’t uninstall the app before updating it.

A backup of your files is recommended before updating the Soula WhatsApp mod. Your important data and messages will never be lost if you do this.


There are more privacy and customization options in the Soula WhatsApp mod apk than in WhatsApp’s official version. Users can also apply different themes to their accounts.

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Additionally, there are plenty of extra features, such as hiding blue ticks and double ticks and typing status. You can also lock the app with a passcode, a pattern, or your fingerprint. Additionally, you can customize your account in a lot of ways. Set up an automatic reply message if you’re busy to prevent your friends from thinking you are ignoring them.