How to Use FMWhatsApp? Is it safe to use?

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How to Use FMWhatsApp? Is it safe to use?

At this time, WhatsApp is like dissolves in our life; every man and women use WhatsApp daily to call, SMS, inform someone, and to see their loved one through WhatsApp and FMWhatsapp apk makes it more interesting to add some extra features to it, making it more joyful. Some people admire using FMWA, but they didn’t know how to utilize it?

We are going to understand how to use FMWhatsApp. What’s on the user interface and many more things.

It’s pretty straightforward to use; let’s learn about it.

FMWhatsApp UI

First of all, we will see what’s on the User Interface.


On the top left side, you can see a camera logo. You can access the camera inside the FM WhatsApp, click photos and videos and send them directly in FMWA without selection.


In this tab, you can manage your conversations made with your beloved ones. You can message them and can easily manage them.


In FMwhatsapp, there is a separate tab for groups, so you can easily separate and manage your chats and groups.


Next to groups, there is a status tab when you go out and make unique pictures and videos you admire to show them to your beloved ones, so instead of sending one by one, put a status so everyone can see, it lasts to 24hrs, you can put any media to status.


In this, you can see you called you last time or manage your calls.

Plus Button

There is a plus button; once you tap on it, you can see four more options.

  • Settings
  • New Chat
  • Phone Colors
  • Theme Store

Is FMWhatsApp APK Safe to Use?

Everyone knowledgeable about modded apk versions has a common question: is it safe to use?. Because these apps are not available on the play store. They have to be downloaded externally from an unknown source or known.

People also question whether FMWhatsapp is safe or can lose access to the official app?

These apps might be safe or unsafe. It depends upon the external source where you download the apk file. Downloading an app from a safe source makes the app risk-free; you can download a safe and secure FMWhatsApp apk from our site.


People also ask about losing access to the original app, or their account could be banned; here’s the answer: your account will be banned if you use modified versions, but we provide FM WhatsApp apk anti-ban version. It means that your account will remain safe, and you can use FmWhatsApp risk-free.


In final words, we provide a safe & secure version of FMWhatsApp; it’s free to use, you can enjoy the FMWA apk free of risk, so what are you waiting for? 

Download FMWhatsApp apk Now.