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Hamraaz is an Android application designed specifically for Indian military personnel. The system allows junior commissioned officers and other personnel to receive information quickly. With Hamraaz app, Indian jawans can stay on top of their activities. Similar to the Hamraaz web, you can download a payslip on the app. In addition to service records, pay details are available for defence personnel through the app. With Hamraaz’s app, you alo can download payslips.

This application allows army professionals to access online services from their mobile phones easily. With Hamraaz App, Indian soldiers can access personal information, family information, payslips, profiles, services voter, inboxes. It is possible for Indian soldiers to use services through their mobile phones. The app allows Army Jawans to view their pay and service information directly from their smartphones. With this app, you can access your pay and service information. 

Uses of Hamraaz App

  • Tracking services for soldiers
  • Check out their schedules
  • Browse posts & promotions
  • Payslip details
  • Inter-soldier communication

How to use Hamraz app

  • You must first open the mobile app in order to use Humraz.
  • This mobile app is only available to Indian Army soldiers.
  • PAN and Aadhaar cards must be linked to the mobile number for you to use the app.
  • Fill in the relevant information to create your account number.
  • Create an account to access its services.

How can I download the Hamraaz Army app?

  • Start the download by clicking ‘Download Latest Version’. 
  • Download it for Android and install it. 
  • Enter your Aadhaar card number and click “Sign Up”. 
  • Ensure your identity by entering a one-time password (OTP). 
  • Then you will need to enter additional credentials. 
  • You’re all set once you fill out the application

Download Hamraaz App

App NameHamraaz Army App
Created byIndian Army
VersionLatest Updated 2 days ago

Hamraaz sign up

  • Open the humrazz app.
  • Click the sign-up link on the homepage.
  • Next, enter the PAN card number on the signup page.
  • Enter the captcha code and click submit.
  • Next, carefully consider the required details.

What is Hamraaz Payslip Password?

Payslip password for Hamraaz app 2022 is the same as for Hamraaz web. To get your password, you need to know your Pan card number. Hamraaz app password consists of your four-digit pan card number and your four-digit date and month of birth.

How to Download hamraaz app Payslip

  • Open the humrazz app.
  • Click on “Personal mobile login”.
  • On your screen, you will see a new login page.
  • Enter the number on your pan card as your user name in capital letters.
  • Please enter the password and CAPTCHA code correctly.
  • On the new page, click on the menu option.
  • Select “pay details” to download the payslip.
  • Payslip for the current month will appear.
  • Alternatively, enter the month and select download to download other payslips
  • You will receive the payslip for the required month.

Pay Calculator

The Hamraaz app offers a pay calculator. A pay calculator is used to determine the pay on promotion/MACP. This service is only for reference purposes.

  • Click on the Pay Calculator on the Hamraaz homepage.
  • Click the Yes button after reading the disclaimer on the next page.
  • Specify the some  input parameters.
  • Afterthat, Submit the details by clicking the submit button.

Login credentials for Hamraaz Payslip

  • Username
  • Employee id
  • Date of Birth
  • Password
  • Verification Code

Hamraaz App Helpline Number

The information has been added along with possible problems and solutions. You can also contact Hamraaz’s support team if you still have issues. Alternatively, you can send them an e-mail. 

Hamraaz app payslip password

The password consists of eight digits. You cannot see your payslip without that password. Your PAN card number and joining/enrollment date are the password for Hamraaz App payslips. Your password will be DFGH1561 if your PAN card’s first four digits are DFGH and your joining date is 16 feb.

How to recover a forgotten password

  • On the home page, you can forget your password.
  • After clicking, enter the PAN card number and captcha code.
  • Enter your new password and click submit.
  • You can then recover your password.


As a result, Hamraaz is a useful tool for serving defense personnel in India. Additionally, it gives them access to other important information related to their jobs, such as payslips. With Hamraaz, you can download your payslips easily by following the steps in the article. Here are the steps you need to follow to download the Hamraaz app very easily. This article is definitely worth sharing with friends in the army if you enjoyed it. Please let us know if you need any assistance related to this article. 


Is the Hamraz Mobile App available to all citizens of the country?

InHamraaz Mobile App can only be used by Indian Army soldiers. The app is not available to citizens of the country.

Is it possible to download pay slips from the Humraaz app?

The Hamraaz app enables jawans to easily download their salary slips and salary every month.